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Rise Of The Guardians Timeline Calender by wiccanmagic97 Rise Of The Guardians Timeline Calender :iconwiccanmagic97:wiccanmagic97 3 2
Random Text 2 - [Damian x Reader]
You picked up your phone and smiled at the text.
Damian: (L/N).
Damian: Respond.
Damian: Now.

Smiling wider, you did what Damian asked/demanded and responded.
(Name): Hello Damian!^w^
Damian: Hello.
(Name): Watch ya want?
Damian: Revenge for the headache you INFLICTED on me>:[
(Name): Xp
(Name): You say "headache" I call it "entertainment"!;3
Damian: Grr!
(Name): :>
Damian: My "entertainment" - would be to stab you.
Damian: Brutally.
(Name): <:u Aaawww. But - but you would get bored if I was gone!
Damian: I would celebrate for WEEKS with your absence<B|
(Name): Meanie!o(>x<)o
(Name): Stop smiling!D:<
Damian: I am not SMILING. I'm GRINNING at the thought of peace.
(Name): (O_O) No, no. I see you, and that's definitely a smile on your face.
Damian: I think I'm going to go through with my plan and stab you.
(Name): Ah're not serious - are you?o(O,O')o
Damian: Look up.

You did as suggested and flinched under the look on D
:iconwiccanmagic97:wiccanmagic97 1 0
Arduous: Damian x Reader
"You've been overtaxing your powers this past week." Damian stated with slight irritation as zie rinsed the small clothe in the sink of hir bathroom, the water running a tint red as the liquid bombarded it. Zie flashed him a smile as zie looked up at his mirrored reflection. Squeezing and twisting the clothe causing the water it soaked to rush from it.
The color was clearer than before, he noted but that did little to diminish his hidden anger. He returned hir smile with a deepened scowl and zie shrugged it off and quickly returned to hir reflection and noticed a stream of red starting again. Zie placed the now, once again, white towel to hir nose and held it there after zie rung it a few more times so it wouldn't be dripping everywhere.
"It's starting to slow down now," zie commented as zie took a quick peak, turning the faucet off. "It's only coming from one side." And placed it back as zie walked and sat on hir bed. Damian followed and stood in front of h
:iconwiccanmagic97:wiccanmagic97 3 0
Secret Content: Damian x Reader
I couldn't control the small reactions my body had whenever (Name) looked at me. And, honestly, no longer wished to.
I revel, secretly, in the feelings zie brings me. At how zie makes small prickles raise over my being at the smallest brush of skin against my own on spare occasions. Sometimes, I would even do it on purpose - during training or when zie sat next to me, or when I simply walked past hir.
I savor every moment listening to how hir voice calls my name - to talk about things zie found about; hir abilities, movies, books, anything that had caught hir attention in that moment. I take pleasure in how zie spoke overall and the pleasant chills hir voice would send crawling up my spine and the warmth that it gave when it spread.
There are things that I feel, but never learned to say.
It wasn't encouraged. It wasn't necessary, not for the life I was trained for.
What I was raised for.
But - I will be content at the fact, that for now, I am n
:iconwiccanmagic97:wiccanmagic97 3 0
Clemencia Bluebell - Star Sapphire by wiccanmagic97 Clemencia Bluebell - Star Sapphire :iconwiccanmagic97:wiccanmagic97 2 0 Arriving to Auradon by wiccanmagic97 Arriving to Auradon :iconwiccanmagic97:wiccanmagic97 3 0 Descendants OC - Princess Juniper by wiccanmagic97 Descendants OC - Princess Juniper :iconwiccanmagic97:wiccanmagic97 2 0 Clemencia Bluebell - Newly Aquired by wiccanmagic97 Clemencia Bluebell - Newly Aquired :iconwiccanmagic97:wiccanmagic97 0 0 Cyan - Ice Queen Armour (OC preview) by wiccanmagic97 Cyan - Ice Queen Armour (OC preview) :iconwiccanmagic97:wiccanmagic97 4 0
Random Text - [Damian x Reader]
Damian's phone sounded a notice. He put the book he was reading down, checked it, and frowned at the sender.
(Name): Damian~? You there? Hell~o!
He looked at you, sitting across from him, and frowned deeper.
"What are you doing?" He asked. His phone binged.
(Name): Speak through the bubble, Damian.
"You're sitting across from me. Why are you texting me?" He paused. A thoughtful frown painted his face.
"How did you even get my phone number? I didn't give it you." He glared as he finished and it hardened when he looked at the text.
(Name): No, but Dick did.
(Name): And I'm bored out of my skull! o(>x<)o
(Name): Stop your glaring and start the texting.
"I will not indulge your childish feat, or relieve you of your boredom." He stated firmly. Placing the phone down he resumed his reading. The phone binged. His green eyes flickered to the device, and than to you, before returning back to the book.
Ignoring it.
More importantly; yo
:iconwiccanmagic97:wiccanmagic97 15 3
What's Happening To Me? by wiccanmagic97 What's Happening To Me? :iconwiccanmagic97:wiccanmagic97 3 0 Elsa of Arendelle - Here Comes The Ice Queen by wiccanmagic97 Elsa of Arendelle - Here Comes The Ice Queen :iconwiccanmagic97:wiccanmagic97 6 0 Relaxing by wiccanmagic97 Relaxing :iconwiccanmagic97:wiccanmagic97 1 0 I'm Just A Kid... by wiccanmagic97 I'm Just A Kid... :iconwiccanmagic97:wiccanmagic97 4 2 Congratulations, You're A Lantern! (I'm A What?) by wiccanmagic97 Congratulations, You're A Lantern! (I'm A What?) :iconwiccanmagic97:wiccanmagic97 3 2 Back To Earth by wiccanmagic97 Back To Earth :iconwiccanmagic97:wiccanmagic97 3 0


7:15 a.m. by Eumenidi 7:15 a.m. :iconeumenidi:Eumenidi 35,263 2,595 Batman Discovers Kryptonite by VieraSketch Batman Discovers Kryptonite :iconvierasketch:VieraSketch 149 10 Jealous Batman by VieraSketch Jealous Batman :iconvierasketch:VieraSketch 165 9 Batman Hates Guns by VieraSketch Batman Hates Guns :iconvierasketch:VieraSketch 43 3 Batman is Kind of a Jerk by VieraSketch Batman is Kind of a Jerk :iconvierasketch:VieraSketch 181 30
How you wake up with Castiel
When you blink your eyes open it's still pitch black in the motel room.  You're lying on your stomach, your head turned to the dresser, so you see the green clock numbers as soon as you open your eyes.  It reads 4:33 am.  You groan and bury your head back against your pillow, fully ready to fall back asleep.  Knowing Dean, you'd be up by 6 am.  But you are already awake and your senses have started to come back to you.  That's when you notice another presence in the room, awake.   You slip your hand under your pillow and pull out your knife.  Then you look across the room at Dean, sleeping on a pullout sofa, and Sam, on the bed next to yours.  Your eyes shift back to Dean and realize there's a shape sitting by the window where he's sleeping.  The light from outside the motel is enough for you to instantly recognize who it is.  You slip out of your sheets, padding quietly over to Castiel, who turns his head at the sound.  He ha
:iconlokiisawesomest:lokiisawesomest 39 2
How you wake up with J'onn J'onzz
You roll over in bed, unable to sleep.  You push the covers aside and sit up in bed.  You look over to see if you woke J'onn, but he appears to still be deep in sleep.  His back is turned to you and you study his frame for a moment, but he makes no movement.  You turn around and draw your knees to your chest.  Across from the bed is a set of floor to ceiling windows and you can see the stars outside.  J'onn likes to keep the shades pulled back at night  and now you know why.  It's so peaceful and beautiful and from this vantage point, you can easily see Mars, J'onn's home.  You're not sure how long you sit there staring at that small red dot, but eventually J'onn stirs behind you.  You can feel his eyes on you but you don't say anything.  
"Can't sleep?"  he asks quietly.  You shake your head and rest your chin on your knees, pulling them tighter to your chest.
"Are you cold?" he asks after a moment.  
"A little,"
:iconlokiisawesomest:lokiisawesomest 44 19
Coming Up with Original Ideas
TT: Coming Up with Original Ideas
Half the reason people steal stories nowadays is because they don’t know how to write their own, or if they even can. If it’s not that, it’s because they want their fifteen minutes of fame, riding the coattails of an author who actually put effort and care into their stories.
The thing is, writing your own stories and coming up with your own ideas is NOT as hard as you think.
Here are a few tips on how to come up with unique, original ideas for short stories/fan fictions that you want to be writing.
So Where Do We Start?
Writing a fan fiction is both a combination of hard work and focus, but it’s also easier than you might think. While it’s simple enough for people to write stories, writing a quality, unique and gripping one is a little harder than people are willing to believe.
But if you know the tricks, then it isn’t nearly as hard as I'm making it out to be.
The sim
:iconcappie-tan:cappie-tan 135 49
Grammar and Punctuation
TT: Grammar and Punctuation
I guarantee you, this is one of the biggest problems with the fan fiction and roleplaying communities today. Grammar and punctuation are two of the most difficult things to get a handle on when you’re writing, either because English isn’t your first language, or you’re still learning how to write it.
There are authors who have straight A’s in class and there will be slip-up’s from time to time. Reading some of my fictions, I know for a fact that I’m just as guilty as everybody else! But there’s a difference between making common mistakes by accident and not knowing any better.
In this tutorial, I’m going to be showing you all how to write proper grammar so you know the difference between there, their and they’re, witch which is which and when to use whatever your or you’re you need at the time.
Basic Grammar: What Nouns You Should Be Using
There’s no doubt that the
:iconcappie-tan:cappie-tan 153 108
By The Power of Thorchu! by RedMedKit By The Power of Thorchu! :iconredmedkit:RedMedKit 54 21 RoG Autumn [COM] by YummingDoe4 RoG Autumn [COM] :iconyummingdoe4:YummingDoe4 14 5 DeviantArt Point Calculator by charfade DeviantArt Point Calculator :iconcharfade:charfade 18,162 1,635
GOTG: Christmas Time Rocket X Reader
It was early December on the Milano, Peter recently bought a box of Christmas decorations he got from the trade market.  He still couldn't believe that decorations from Terra made out this far in the galaxy.  As soon as he returned, he already began decorating the inside of his ship while humming a little tune to himself.  
You came back to the Milano sometime later with a box of supplies and you saw what Peter was up to.  After setting your box down on the table, you examined what he had done to the meeting room.  The walls were covered with multicolored lights, silver and gold garland, and a few glitter covered ornaments.
"Peter, what the?"  You said as you continued to look around the room.
"Hey _____, what do you think?"  Peter asked with a smile on his face.
"It looks great but I'm not sure how everyone else is going to react," you said.
As soon as your words left your mouth, Gamora and Drax came in and stood speechless at the bright colorful dec
:iconbluewolf14:bluewolf14 117 14
Rocket x Reader There For You Part 2
Rocket x Reader
There For You Part 2
a Reader-Insert by SophiaofTerra (c)
            You sat alone in your room on the Milano. The battle was only yesterday, but you couldn’t help it as you relived each piece bit by bit in the last hour. It was the most exciting thing to happen to you since, uh, a long, long time ago. Come to think of it, it was the most exciting thing to happen to you. But in spite of it being PTSD worthy, it wasn’t the most troubling.
            No, no. It wasn’t even close.
            The most troubling piece, the part that nipped at your heart-strings, was the fact that you were in love with Rocket. The raccoon-lookalike had peeked your interest since the moment you saw him, and it was all uphill from there
:iconsophiaofterra:SophiaofTerra 125 61
Rocket x Reader There For You Part 1
Rocket x Reader
There For You
a Reader-Insert by SophiaofTerra (c)
               You watched with curiosity as the new inmates walked further into the heart of the Kyln prison. Among them, a man (who appeared human), a tree-like humanoid, a raccoon, and Gamora. Everyone knew Gamora.
              The raccoon interested you.
              It was rare for anything non-human-like in nature to end up in a place like this. You wondered silently what it could have done to end up here.
              The group walked forward, looking around as insults were shouted at Gamora. The man leaned in and whispered something to the raccoon, who replied back with a voice that seemed to be male.
:iconsophiaofterra:SophiaofTerra 212 52
Cute Soldiers by Teddy-Steve Cute Soldiers :iconteddy-steve:Teddy-Steve 34 3


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Yep! AMV's! Okay only two for now, but it will expand!Bunny Emoji-68 (Bouncy) [V4] And here are the links for them! Let me know what you guys think!

(*whisper* It's okay, you can be honest....I can take it..:tribblela:

Touch of Ice - Frozen: [link]
Once Upon A December - Rise of the Guardians AMV: [link]
Rise of the Guardians - A Lost Story (Preview for a FanFic Story): [link]
Let It Go - Frozen Amv: [link]
Let It Go (Libérée, délivrée) - Frozen: [link]
Hope you really enjoy them!Neko Emoji-41 - (Kawaii Waving) [V3] 


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Hello, my name is [CLASSIFIED].

And here are somethings about me:

My birthday is actually November 4, and I'm 17.
I'm home-schooled and I like to draw, read (fan-fic, Webster's Dictionary or whatever I'm in the mood for), and write when I get inspired and sew.

I love to do spontaneous dancing. Alot.

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